Thinking about Mixed Reality Solutions?

As an official Microsoft Mixed Reality partner, CraneMorley can get your mixed reality project off the ground.
We focus on training and design giving you the tools to implement a successful project from A-Z.

Pilots and PoCs

Having trouble getting started? We will help you get the ball rolling on your initial MR projects

Transformational Learning

We will identify the best learning solutions and transform your curriculum to fit your different training needs.

Mixed Reality Workshops

Our workshops will help you get started and up to speed even if you don’t know the difference between VR, AR and MR.


Now that you have a MR project, you’re using Remote Assist, or you have some Guides put together, how do you implement them into the field and training force for a maximum impact and ROI?

Engagement Roadmap


Pilots and PoCs

Instructional Design

Already have a Mixed Reality project in mind? CraneMorley can work with subject matter experts to design and build your project along with supporting 3D asset creation.

Skills Based Training

Need to bring your workforce up to speed on Mixed Reality? CraneMorley experts can deploy customized HoloLens and Mixed Reality training to all levels of your organization.

Expert Support

Make sure your Mixed Reality project has an impact! Your Microsoft Teams cohort will empower your team to work directly with CraneMorley experts throughout the design and implementation process to ensure maximum ROI on your Mixed Reality projects.

Transformational Learning

On-the-job Applications

CraneMorley will develop your learning courses and on the job performance improvement applications.  This includes mixed reality assets as well as traditional eLearning, in person and virtual instructor-led training.

Transform Your Training

We will collaborate and design a transformational plan, ensuring alignment while you focus on engaging your stakeholders and leadership.  This results in a “win – win” outcome, where ROI from continuous improvement offsets investment, while we scale rapidly to your desired cadence.

Strategic Partnership

As we learn the needs of your target audience and business, we will minimize the time you may invest now in continually teaching the basics to new suppliers.  At whatever level you choose to engage CraneMorley, rest assured we are here to earn our role as your trusted partner for success.

Mixed Reality Workshops

Mixed Reality from A-Z

As an official Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, CraneMorley will provide the training and tools needed to get started with a Mixed Reality project. Whether looking to build a project from the ground up, or improve current Mixed Reality applications.

We Walk the Talk

All workshop sessions feature live HoloLens 2 demonstrations. CraneMorley experts will demonstrate Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Guides live in-person or on a Microsoft Teams call.

Effective Mixed Reality

CraneMorley is a training company first. Work with our team of experts to build effective guides that meet your performance goals. With a focus on instructional design, your team will finish the workshop sessions having created real, effective, guides.​



Minimize potential errors by sourcing and deploying HoloLens hardware and software licenses through CraneMorley.

Industry Experience

Put our expertise to the test! CraneMorley has experience working across a variety of different industries and can bring those insights to your Mixed Reality project.

Continued Learning

As a Microsoft Mixed Reality partner, CraneMorley has a finger on the pulse and will provide product updates, tips and tricks, and real-world use cases.

Work smarter with HoloLens 2

Explore the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available. See the apps that enable Hololens 2 as the ultimate mixed reality device providing the solutions that deliver instantly.

Applications for HoloLens 2

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

• Work together from anywhere

• Solve problems in real time

• Bring Critical Information into view

• Walk the site without being on location

Dynamics 365 Guides

• Learn by doing

• Empower employees with hands on learning

• Maximize training effectiveness

• Use data to improve workflow efficiency

Custom Applications

• Game Engines: Unity, Unreal

• Custom 3D Modeling

Some Clients We Support

Client Success Stories

Remote Assist helps Varian engineers keep cancer treatment going during COVID-19
Guides reduces NYSEARCH gas meter training time from one day to 44 minutes

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CraneMorley Is Leading Mixed Reality Innovation

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