CraneMorley is a Cleanbox Ambassador

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Posted on March 15, 2021

CraneMorley is proud to announce that we are Cleanbox Ambassadors.

Safety is our number one priority. As a Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner, one of the biggest concerns we receive is safety with shared headsets. We are proud to announce Cleanbox as a solution to help ease any concerns. Cleanbox is an easy to use, time efficient, and eco-friendly option to disinfect HoloLens and any other headsets. 

The Covid-19 Pandemic highlights the importance of cleaning and sanitizing. Cleanbox is at the forefront of these changing times, during and post Covid-19. Cleanbox products use UVC light to kill 99.999% of contagions and built with ISO 9001 certified materials and assembled in an FDA-reviewed facility. They are the leaders in decontamination of AR, MR, VR, and communication headsets, eyewear, masks, and other frequently used devices.

UVC Light C is a wavelength of light that does not exist naturally in the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, pathogens, bacteria, and viruses do not have any resistance. Cleanbox products use medical grade UVC lighting seen in hospitals and designed safely to turn off once systems doors are opened. The UVC light does not use heat, liquids, or chemicals that damage headsets.

Please contact us with any questions about Cleanbox and any of their products.


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